Bryker Woods Elementary

BW PTA Panther Fund Drive: September 15-October 15, 2022

Bryker Woods' Annual Panther Fund Drive starts 9/15 and ends 10/15. Join us in supporting our children, our teachers, our school! 

Panther Fund Drive Goals

  • Give whatever gift you can... 
  • Our main goal is participation. Pre-Covid we had over 80% participation.
  • Raising $200/child is our financial goal from BW families (the rest will be raised via business sponsorships, other fundraising channels, etc.) 
  • This year, PTA is planning on spend $403 per child ($118,000 total PTA budget for 293 students)

Panther Draw

By participating, your child's name gets added to the Panther Draw with the possibility of your child winning a stuffed Panther (we know you're excited!!) 

How do I participate in the annual Panther Fund Drive?  

BW Families -->
Business Sponsors -->

2021 Panther Fund Business Sponsors

Other ways to Give to Bryker Woods