Bryker Woods Elementary

Student Council

What is Student Council?

Student Council is an opportunity for students in 3rd,  4th and 5th grades to support school initiatives. Student Council provides an avenue for students who are dedicated to service and who are seeking a chance to plan and carry out campus projects that benefit Bryker Woods Elementary School. In other words, our Student Council is a group of students who comes up with ideas to make our school better. The students in select grades at our school, can elect Council Members who they think will represent them best. Each member of the Student Council gets the opportunity to actively participate in schoolwide activities, make decisions, and see democracy in action.

Who is on the Student Council? 

Each 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade class/homeroom elects two representatives as Student Council Members for their class/homeroom. Also, all grades (K-5) will vote for the school's President and Vice President, both of which must be 5th graders. The Secretary will also be an elected position that only a 5th grader can hold but only 5th graders will vote on this position.

What are the responsibilities of Student Council?

Student Council Representatives are ultimately responsible for reporting campus business to their homerooms. Student Council Representatives are responsible for attending all scheduled meetings, reporting back to their K-2 adopted classes, and modeling appropriate behavior at all times on campus. Basically, the Student Council chooses its own goals after discussing ideas with the classrooms they represent. The Student Council might create publicity about school events, promote school pride, start fundraising programs or other school events and activities the faculty needs assistance with executing. 

What does the Student Council President do?

The Student Council President is visionary. He or she runs the meetings and represents the Student Council at different events. He or she may also take on other important school duties, such as speaking at assembly, addressing the PTA or CAC, accompanying guests when they come to our school or other special projects the administration requires. He/she also can break a tie vote among Council Members.

What does the Student Council Vice President do?

He or she fills in when the President is absent. The Vice President also organizes and manages the meeting topics for monthly Student Council meetings. He or she may assist the President and faculty as desired.

What does the Secretary do?

He or she assists with the agenda of the monthly Student Council Meetings, writes down what goes on at the meetings (taking minutes), reports at each meeting what happened at the previous one, and keeps track of attendance. Finally he or she can advertise student goals and events. 

What do the Classroom Representatives do?

The Classroom Representatives attend monthly Student Council meetings. They also bring ideas and suggestions from their class members to the meetings. They report information back to their class and to a kindergarten, 1st grade, or 2nd grade classroom. They also help with projects for the Student Council and the school.

When do the representatives meet?

Student Council will meet the first Tuesday of every month. Meetings will be held in the library and end at 3:45 p.m. A calendar with specific dates once confirmed will be provided. Representatives are assigned a meeting to bring snacks to share.

How do I become a representative?

Student Council elections will take place during late September/early October. Students will self-nominate, but need to have their teacher sign their Permission Form as a reference. Each student will be responsible for speaking to the class during their library time. Each nominee will have about 1 minute to present information about why he or she should be elected to represent the class in Student Council. A student may choose to create one poster to showcase in class once his or her application has been returned to Mrs. Gee (faculty advisor). The classroom teacher will display these posters in the classroom during elections. Two students from each homeroom class will be selected as the classroom representatives for Student Council. After the students listen to the speeches, they will complete a ballot online while in the library. All students are expected to show respect with their words and actions throughout the election process. Those running for President and Vice President will be hung up in the main hallway. 

What happens if I do not carry out my responsibilities for Student Council?

If a student is elected to this position, he or she is ultimately responsible for carrying out any and all responsibilities defined in the Student Council Constitution. The faculty advisor will review the Student Council Constitution at the first scheduled Student Council meeting. If a Student Council representative is not able to carry out his or her responsibilities, then he or she may be dismissed from Student Council and relieved of any duties.

Who can I contact with questions?

Contact our Faculty Advisor Ms. Gee at