Bryker Woods Elementary


Art Instructor: Courtney Jepson

Young Artists at WorkThe visual arts program at Bryker Woods Elementary is designed to promote creativity, self-expression, problem-solving, and cultural appreciation. The curriculum introduces the students to various developmentally appropriate materials and techniques including drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, fiber art, and mixed media work. Student choice, voice, and interests are valued so that students create art that is meaningful to them. Art history and the study of cultural arts from a wide range of cultures, helps students make connections between their own culture and the cultures of others. Students learn not only to work as artists, but they also learn 21st century skills such as how to be critical thinkers, risk-takers, problem-solvers, and collaborators.

Ms. Jepson was excited to join the Bryker Woods panther family in 2019, after working in other AISD schools since 2006. With undergraduate study in Art History and Theater Arts, she received her MA in Art Education from UT in 2006. From 2011-16 Ms. Jepson worked on the AISD’s Curriculum Writers Cadre where she helped develop and write the AISD visual arts curriculum. She has been a CLI (Creative Learning Initiative) leader and trainer, and in 2019 she received her SEL Leadership badge.

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