How We Communicate

Bryker Woods has a variety of means of communication. Be it digital, print or school marquee, each channel is dedicated to a specific purpose. Communication also includes regularly scheduled meetings and events (morning assemblies and Principal’s Coffees). Many teachers also provide flyers in children’s Monday folders that are meant to be taken home. Below is a listing of the school’s communication within the digital realm.


Konstella is our primary communication platform and is used for delivering internal messages to parents & school staff. This content is only available to our Konstella subscribers and is not available to the public. Information delivered via Konstella includes PTA updates, our principal's weekly newsletter and classroom news and photos. Please sign up so you don't miss any news or events!

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School Website

On our website you will find general information about our school programs, events and policies, as well as contact information. Information is archived and is publicly accessible.